Litter planned March 2019!! 

Both parents have been DNA-tested clear of these genetically diseases: CEA/CH, TNS, NCL, MDR1, IGS & Glaucoma/Goniodysgenesis, that means that none of the puppies from this litter will ever develop these diseases. The father is also tested clear of DM and Blizz is tested clear of OI. 

Both parents have been x-rayed for HD and ED with top results (A/A & 0/0), and the father is also x-rayed for OCD with the result 0/0. 

Both of them have been eye examined clear as puppies, and at their last check-up in 2018. 


Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents  
Borderline Country O'Connor 
Borderline Country Justinboots 

Waveney Caught In Time 
Borderline Country Extacy
Borderline Country Korall 
Hotnote Good News 
Hotlee Take Ito Thelimit 
Jaydean Nordic Blizzard
Danari De Beers
Tookurra Catch a Star
Danari Diamante
Tonkory Lightning Strikes Jaydean
Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil
Tonkory C'est La Vie